July 15, 2018

      Four reasons to make engagement photography a priority

      You’ve just got engaged! Your head is bulging with people you need to tell, social media posts you need to write and tasks you need to accomplish! So, as someone who’s been there, I can understand why engagement photographs might not be at the very top of your priority list right now. However, there are several important things you should know about engagement portraits that just might move them up a few notches on that list! Let me first say that most people choose their wedding photographer and have them do their engagement photographs but some don’t. Some love to jump right in and commemorate what is a truly amazing moment when you’ve decided that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone! You’ve found the one! That’s a moment worth commemorating so here’s why I think that in all the crazy fun, excitement and love you should start thinking about your engagement photographs. here are my four reasons to make engagement photography a priority.

      I. You’re going to have fun!

      Engagement photographs are a chance to focus on your fiancé/fiancée and to let your love shine. For most people, a professional photographer is someone they’ve never used or haven’t used in years. Set aside those lingering memories, good or bad, that you have of secondary school photos. Engagement photographs are great because they’re personalised to you and aim to do nothing more than show off the perfect love you have for each other! You can even include your pet! So brainstorm with your husband or wife-to-be on ways you can make your engagement shoot personal.

      II. Your engagement photographs will provide lasting memories of one of the sweetest and cutest times in your relationship

      I’ve always felt that while photographs are beautiful to look at now, to relive that recent memory, their real value is shown only in years to come. Have you ever sat down with your Grandparents and looked through their wedding photographs? Maybe it was photographs of your parents as children while hearing the most amazing stories of times gone by. Me too!

      In years to come, these photographs and your wedding photographs will remind you of important memories. They’ll be the jolt that makes you remember a detail that you’d long since forgotten. Your photographs will be a reminder of your love and happiness. They will be a memento of that giddy feeling of being newly engaged long into your marriage.

      III. The photographs from your engagement shoot will come in useful over and over again

      Engagement photographs aren’t just something to keep in a memory box or stashed away on your hard drive. Why not check out my list of five ways to use your engagement photographs. I know there are many more I haven’t even considered. You’re going to find yourself using these photos online and in print over and over again for many years to come. You can find my 5 best suggestions for how to use your engagement photographs here. 

      IV. Your engagement photographs will make your wedding photographs even better

      I’ve saved the most important point for last! One of the reasons I put such a value on engagement photography is the invaluable time it gives you in front of the camera before the big day. Spending this time in front of your photographer will help you to relax around them be yourself.

      Wedding photographs and engagement photographs share one very special thing, the intimacy and uniqueness of every couple’s love. It’s harder to do that in front of a stranger. Especially when that person is observing you constantly. Ultimately, you’ll feel so much more at ease on your wedding day and your photographer won’t be a complete stranger who keeps asking you to kiss in front them like a weirdo! That ease will translate to your wedding photos, making them more emotional, natural and beautiful!


      Are you engaged and planning your beautiful wedding story? I’d love to hear from you and discuss your wedding plans! Whether you’re having a rustic and elegant intimate wedding at a nearby church or a dreamy, romantic wedding at Minstrel Court – I’d love to capture and curate your beautiful wedding story. You’ll find all my details on my Contact page. Not done looking? There’s a treasure trove of other wedding stories and great wedding planning and photography advice pieces on my blog.

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