February 6, 2019

      Let’s play Wedding Scrabble!

      Ah, Scrabble! What a past time… (or a boring time, depending on where you stand on Scrabble!)

      Weddings are beautiful, fun and joy-filled occasions but for the unwitting Bride and Groom but also a minefield of terminology which can be very confusing. As a wedding photographer, I like to think I’m ‘down with lingo’. I foolishly thought I’d write a post on some of the common wedding terminologies that many Brides and Grooms get bamboozled by. If you’re not too young to remember Teletext, the game pun I added in there will not be lost on you. Before we start, what does any of this have to do with Scrabble you ask? Absolutely nothing! It was a shameless ‘fake news’ headline to grab your attention. But for the purposes of being a responsible writer, -More fake news, I’ve included each word’s Scrabble value!


      An arch (usually made of wood or metal) that’s covered in flowers, vines and other foliage. The bride & groom stand under it to say their vows. More widely known as a ‘Wedding Arch’. 7 Points.


      Fastening of the wedding dress in the back to lift the train off of the ground. This is usually done during the reception to enable the bride to dance without treading on her dress and more importantly, to stop guests stepping on her dress. 8 Points.

      Wedding co-ordinator

      A wedding professional who ensures your wedding day runs smoothly and on time. They deal with any issues on your behalf so you’re free to enjoy the best day of your life! You can have Wedding for 13 or Coordinator for 14 but not both, well, you can, because who follows board game rules anyway?

      Destination wedding

      A wedding that takes place away from the couples usual city or country. Most destination weddings take place in popular holiday locations such as the Caribbean, Mauritius, Mexico etc. You could have ‘destination’ for 12 or ‘wedding’ for 13 points!


      Shoes, bags and other accessories made from an easily dyeable fabric so that it can be matched to the exact colour you want using a swatch. 13 Points.


      Gone are the days when eloping meant a woman running off with a man her father didn’t approve of! Elopements are now popular and minimalist weddings where the focus is purely on the Ceremony itself with the couple, the registrar and two witnesses usually being the only people present.

      I’ve found in the last couple of years that this is changing and that the word elopement can now broadly be applied to those who want a wedding ceremony but not a reception with just a handful of close family and friends. 7 Points.

      First look

      When the bride and groom decide to see each other in their wedding attire before the ceremony. You could have ‘first’ for 8 points and ‘look’ for 8 points also.

      Grand entrance

      The moment when the bride and groom are announced and enter the reception. ‘Grand’ turns out to be very un-grand for a measly 7 points BUT you’ll get a respectable 10 points for ‘entrance’!


      This is the often used American variant of what we know as a ‘Registrar’. You’ll take home a whopping 17 points for this in your scrabble game, land this on a ‘triple word’ square and you’ll beat my high score with just one word!


      The part of the ceremony in which the bride and the wedding party walk down the aisle. This can also refer to the music that plays during this time. Another high-scorer with 16 points.


      The part of the wedding in which the newly married couple, followed by the wedding party, walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. 13 Points.

      Signature cocktail

      A speciality drink that was chosen just for the wedding. The recipe or name often has meaning for the couple. You can get 10 points for ‘signature’ and 16 for ‘cocktail’.


      All of the stationery for the wedding; save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, envelopes, order-of-service cards and so on. 13 Points.

      Sweetheart table

      A two-person table just for the bride and groom at the reception. This is often decorated to stand out from the other tables. 16 Points for ‘sweetheart’ and 7 for ‘table’.


      The arrangement of the place settings, centrepieces, table numbers, and other decorations on the reception tables. 16 Points.

      So, that’s it! I take no responsibility for you losing a game of Scrabble due to my slap-dash google searching to get the Scrabble word scores and I also haven’t checked to see if these words feature in a dictionary. However, I will take credit if you win! Yay! How many of these did you already know? What’s your Scrabble high score? Tell me in the comments!

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      What a fun post. I love that you included the word-scores!

      This was a really fun post. I’m not a big fan of scrabble but I like the idea.