Family Photography Portfolio
      Everyday adventures. Little moments. Captured authentically.

      Capturing your family in it’s truest form and telling a story of your family through pictures is a responsibility that I take seriously. Read on to find out more about the beautiful family photographs I can create for you.

      As a photographer who’s style is personified by photojournalism, my photographs are less about staging a family ‘bundle’ with a boring white background in a studio and more about capturing the love and emotion between you while you get on and enjoy time as a family.

      Cambridge Family Photographer

      About Troy Pullen

      Cambridge wedding photographer, storyteller and pug enthusiast

      Thank you for stopping by to visit my little corner of the internet. You may be here looking for a wedding photographer or you may be here looking for inspiration, you may even be here for another reason; whatever your reasons for being here, hello and welcome!

      In 2017, I decided to put my near-lifelong passion, photography, to good use in order to give people natural, creative and emotion evoking wedding photographs that not only tell love stories but tell them in the most compelling way possible.

      The thing I love most about being a wedding photographer is meeting new couples and getting to know them, getting to learn about them and their story up until now. This helps me to tell what the most important chapter of their love story unquestionably is; their wedding.

      One of the most enjoyable parts about being a wedding photographer is when I’m curating a couple’s love story and having got to know them; be able to identify the moments which a couple may not have seen but will really resonate with them and tell them the hidden tale’s of their perfect day.